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The home purchase timeline: 30 days to close
What does it all mean? Here’s a simple timeline, a slightly different infographic, with some specifics built in. Typically we are about 30 days out from closing on your purchase, once the contract has been signed by all parties. Are you ready? ...
Our 8 Step Buying Process
Our 8 Step Buying Process:Beginning your home search can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Because of that, our team makes sure that you, and all other potential buyers, understand each of the 8 steps that we take to make the process as easy and painless as possible. By the end of your ...
33513 Unicorn Court in Westland, Michigan

Coming soon, this perfect, move in ready house in Westland. You won’t want to miss this. My prediction is, it’s sold in 4 days. Call me now to get in and see this. Middy 734-442-2225

The 7-Step Decluttering Guide to Organizing Your Home this New Year
We often talk about starting a home improvement project, like a bathroom or kitchen remodel, because we’re dissatisfied with the house and are looking for ways to make it even better. But what if the first thing that’s hindering us from appreciating our biggest investment is the ...
Understanding Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy in Case of a Wildfire
The recent catastrophic wildfires in California have been beyond devastating. These violent infernos destroyed thousands of properties and structures and displaced hundreds of thousands of people living in the affected areas. But if there’s one takeaway from this widespread fire damage, ...
Hire a specialist
Finding a home is a specialized task, but what if you have special needs? We are not new to special requests, we can help. We are a team of realtors that have helped people relocate with special needs. Everyone has parts to a house that’s important to them, from a large garage where you can work ...